Friday, November 21, 2014

Purrrfect Paper Clip Holder

colored paper
clear tape
empty/clean tuna can
glue stick
black chenille stem
paper clips, five per child

Reproduce the Cat Head, Cat Body and Can Cover on to colored paper. [FOR SAFETY: If applicable, apply clear tape over the inside rim of the tuna can to cover any sharp edges.]

1.  Cut out the Cat Head, Cat Body and Can Cover.
2.  Using your glue stick, apply glue to the Tab underneath the Cat Head, then place the Tab around the exterior rim of the tuna can (Cat Head should face the inside of the can) (see Illustration A).
3.  Apply glue to the blank side of your Can Cover, then place the Can Cover around the exterior rim of the tuna can (see Illustration B).

4.  Curl the black chenille stem around your finger (Cat’s Tail).  Tape one end of the Cat’s Tail down to the asterisk located on the Cat Body (see Illustration C). 

5.  Roll up several pieces of clear tape, sticky side outward, and place them where it says, “place tuna can here.” Press the tuna can down on to the tape to hold in place (see Illustration D).

6.  Place the five paper clips inside the Purrrfect Paper Clip Holder. 

In the Bible story “Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand,” God assures us that He will always meet our needs. All He asks of us is to trust in Him. Pray and watch what God can do for you. Every time you reach for a paper clip from your Purrrfect Paper Clip Holder, read the Bible verse Psalm 23:1 located on the can cover, as a reminder to want for nothing – but to trust the Lord, your shepherd for everything!

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