Saturday, July 13, 2013

Twine Knotted Rosary

Shared with permission

Older children will be able to make this rosary with minimal help and supervision.

If you need a rosary, Rosary Army will happily send you one for free, but they'll also show you how to make your own, and that's a lot more fun!  Once you know how to do it, it's very easy, and Rosary Army makes it even easier by providing step-by-step instructions with plenty of illustrations, and they even feature an instructional video.

  • What Rosary Army provides is printable instructions in English, Spanish, and Dutch.
  • And a video you can watch and follow along with.  If you want to get fancy, they even have video instructions on DVD for making Two-Twine and Ladder knotted rosaries in addition to this basic twine knotted rosary.  If your parish has its own Catholic School, or hosts a summer camp or crafting activities, they can order a copy of the Rosary Army Virtual Workshop DVD as well.

What you need:
Masking tape
A small Crucifix
A lighter

Children, let mom or dad cut the lengths of twine for you, unless you have safety scissors.  The lighter is only used in the very last step, to singe the cut ends of the twine on your finished rosary so that they do not fray.  Have mom or dad do this last step for you.

Craft stores will have little Crucifixes in their jewelry-making section.  Make sure the hole (the eyelet) is large enough for the twine to fit through.  Craft stores will also have twine available in many bright colors.

This first section tells what supplies you need for this craft, what a rosary consists of, and tips and tricks to help you get ready to make your own rosary.  You can make a full rosary or a single-decade rosary, also known as a 'Chaplet.'

This next section shows you how to make a Hail Mary knot and a Decade.  Pictures make it easy to follow along with each step.  The more rosaries you make, the easier it gets, and soon, you'll be a real pro at it.  How nice would it be to make a rosary for your mom, grandmother, or perhaps someone at your parish who is not able to purchase one?  You can give them a gift of faith that you made with your very own hands.

The third section shows you how to make an Our Father knot.  This is the same as a Hail Mary knot, but instead of wrapping the twine around your finger three times, you wrap it around five times.  This will make the Our Father knots a little bigger than the Hail Mary knots.  Each section of instructions has a series of pictures that really make it easy to follow along with each step.

Section four shows you how to make a Centerpiece knot.

This last section shows you how to make the Our Father knot with the Crucifix looped below.  Make sure you do not tighten this last Our Father knot until the instructions tell you to!

And now, you will have made your very first rosary!